About MB Myrtille

Agricultural Farm ("MB Myrtille") was founded on March 17, 2017. in the village Klinci, 6km away from the town of Valjevo and 90km away from Belgrade. In April 2018, done by joint project of Nenad Mihailović and Marina Bijelić made planting of blueberries, 3050 seedlings, of which 2750 were seedlings of the DUKE variety, while the rest of the DRAPER seedlings on the surface of 1.5 ha. Seedlings are of Dutch origin from the nursery Drizen (Driesvenplant B.V., Melderslo, Netherlands). All seedlings passed phytosanitary control, as evidenced by the certificate of validity. Also, the seedlings also have a GMO certificate, which confirms that the seedlings are free from genetic modification. The manager of the agricultural farm is Nenad Mihailovic, holding Ph.D. in Economics. The main consultant of the agricultural holding is prof. Jasminka Milivojević, PhD, Professor of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade. Plantation of agricultural holdings started the process of Global G.A.P. certification. High standards regarding the quality and safety of blueberries are applied to the plant. It is also aimed to have awareness in terms of preventive action, continuous improvement of quality and safety, as well as improving the ecological environment in which production is carried out.